WS365 Cryptocurrency Tokens

The token (WS365) is an ERC-20 Cryptocurrency token, created on the Ethereum Blockchain.
You can buy WS365 tokens to support the project. With your support, we can create more useful online software tools.
After the project will get successful worldwide, you will be able to sell your WS365 tokens for a much higher price.

WS365 Tokens Buying Price (Live Charts)

Current WS365 token buying price: $0.019+
WS365 token 1-Year target price: $2.00+
WS365 token 5-Year target price: $7.00+

You can support the project by Swapping ETH into WS365 tokens.

First, install the Metamask Wallet, then add WS365 token to Metamask (Web3). Please note that the WS365 tokens will be stored in your Metamask Wallet.

In your Metamask Wallet, click the Swap button to exchange ETH into WS365 tokens.

Software tools and services that we are currently working on.
The websoft365 developer team works hard every day to create new online software tools. Our target is to create hundreds of online software tools in the next few years. The websoft365 membership subscription includes all the software tools. View all the finished software tools and services.
Image Creator
Online drag and drop image creator. - Millions of stock images included.
Keyword Tools
Search and find related keywords. Online Keyword Tools such as Broad match, Exact match, Phrase match, Change to lowercase, Remove Duplicates.
Online Photo Editor
Create / Edit Images Online. This software is The Best Photoshop Alternative.
Video Editor
Includes AI voiceover in 41 languages, and hundreds of voices. Also, includes unlimited of background music, video footage, sound effects, stock images, and more.
Banner Creator
Online advertising banner creator. - Millions of stock images included.
AI Video Creator
Includes AI voiceover in 41 languages, and hundreds of voices. Also includes millions of background music, video footage, sound effects, stock images, and more.
Video to Cartoon
Online Video Cartoonizer Software, Best Video Cartoonizer Software. Video Cartoonizer Software Tool. Cartoonize Video. Convert videos to cartoon movies. Become a Cartoon Youtuber.
Earn $$$ Creating Videos With Your Smartphone
Create videos with your phone and earn money every month.
Earn $$$ Creating Photos With Your Smartphone
Create photos with your phone and earn money every month.
Public and Private Video Chat Rooms
Best Zoom Alternative. Open a private video chat rooms. No nonsense video calls.
1:1 Ad Exchange
Similar to Google ads but FREE. Advertise for FREE! Earn advertising credit by show ads on your website. Use the earned credits to advertise on other websites in the ad network.
Online Meme Generator
Create and share your memes online. Choose from millions of images or upload your pictures to make custom memes.
Online Video Meme Generator
Create and share your video memes online. Choose from millions of videos and images or upload your own videos pictures to make custom memes.
BEP20 Cryptocurrency Token Generator
Create your own BEP20 Smart Contract without coding. Create BEP20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain network. FREE to use for members.
WS365 Cryptocurrency Token Charts
Overview information for Token (WS365) including News...
Software tools and services that are planned for the next 1 year.
The listed software tools below are planned for future development.
Unblockable Popup
Unblockable Popup Generator. Includes 2 million Stock Images and Popup Templates...
Online FTP Client
Easy to use online web based FTP Client. Include File Archiver options such as ZIP, RAR, etc...
Online HTML Editor
Dreamweaver alternative. Online Web Content Composer...
Logo Designer
Icon and logo designer. Include 2 Million Stock Images. Create your own logo in minutes...
Trigger Messages
Trigger Messages Generator. Includes 2 million Stock Images and Templates...
Online PDF Editor
Easy to use online PDF tools. This PDF Editor Working Directly in your Browser...
Book Cover Creator
Online 3D book cover creator. Online book cover mockup. Includes 2 Million stock images...
Button Generator
With this tool, you can design and generate call to action buttons to your websites in minutes.
3D Software Box
Online 3D Software Box Creator tool. Make 3D Boxes Online. Includes 2 Million Images...
Flipbook Generator
Online digital flipbook generator tool. Instant digital flipbook generator‎. Create flipbook, PDF to flipbook conversion...
Invoice Generator
Online Invoice Generator Tool. Each invoice can be customized to the specific client you are sending it to.
Business Cards
Easy to use business card ceator. - Includes over 1000 business card templates. Also includes 2 million stock images...
Channel Art Maker
Create beautiful channel arts for YouTube, Twitter, and many other platforms. Includes 2 Million Images...
Live Website Stat
Real Time website traffic monitoring widgets. Live visitors stats are updated automatically without page refresh.
Video Stats
Video records of site visitors activity. See what your website visitors doing on your site. Learn more about your website visitors.
Watermark Tool
Add watermark to photos and videos! Add your custom watermark to photos and videos.
Video Chat Widget
Voice chat, Video chat, Text chat. Add a FREE chat room widget to your website. Fully customizable with a moderator option.
Contact Us Widget
Embed customer service widget. Create a customer support widget in minutes. Add customer support departments to choose, etc...
Online Survey
Online survey widget generator Add a beautiful survey widget to your website!
Hypnosis Self Help
Online Self Help Hypnosis Software Tool. Program your mind to positive thinking. Open this software tool to start Self Hypnosis in Minutes.
Web Design Tool
Drag & Drop Web Design Tool. Create a website by drag and drop files...
Template Creator
Online Website Template Creator. Create beautiful website templates. Easy to use, no experience need to be required.
Menu Generator
Online Responsive CSS Menu Generator. Generate beautiful CSS Responsive website menus...
Automated ChatBot
Add a Customer Service AI Chatbots for Your Website. Fully customizable chatbot to your website...
Todo List Solutions
ToDo list solutions for businesses. Award winning task management todo tool, transforms your todo list into tasks, organize, and manage. Fully embed it into your website.
Form Builder
Online digital form builder. Create Contact forms, Registration forms, Feedback form, or Sales Order form and share it on social media or on your website easily...
Subliminal Video
Custom subliminal video recorder. Record videos with subliminal voice messaging and customized flashing text.
Subliminal Audio
You can create your own custom create your own subliminal audio hypnosis recordings. Create your own subliminal audio CDs and sell them online.
Analytics Viewer
Google Analytics viewer tool. Verify your Analytics today. Many cool features.
Ringtone Maker
Mp3 Resizer Online. Online ringtone maker online and MP3 trimmer software. Includes thousands of sound effects.
Online Radio Tool
This software tool has all the functionality you need to start your online radio station under 2 minutes.
File Archiver
Online archive converter and compression tool. Zip Utility tool. Zip online, unzip, unrar, rar, extract online...
Personal Finance
This personal finance software tool helps to budget and keeping track of your finances...
3D Floor Plan
Easy to use floor plan software. Make 3D Floor Plans that are perfect for real estate and home design.
Floating Button
Online floating button generator. Call to Action button generator. Create unique custom floating buttons.
Online Paint Editor
Work with many painting tools online, like brushes, pencils that look and feel just like the real thing!
Blurring Faces
Automatically blurring faces in videos. Face off. Blurring faces in photos and videos...
Video to GIF
Convert Video to an Animated GIF Image. Video to animated GIF converter...
Speech to Text
Speech to text online. Convert audio to text or convert video to text with AI technology...
Doodle Video
Doodle Video Creator Software. Easy to use doodle video creation software.
Signups to Display
Auto detect new signups to display on your website. Boost sign ups and sales conversions instantly...
WP Page Builder
Drag & Drop Online WordPress Page Builder. Create a beautiful WordPress website.
Create Video Ads
Best online video ads creator. Instant Video Ad Creation Tool. Include, stock videos, stock music, and sound effects...
Green Screen Editor
Use this green screen editor with special effects, live stock videos, and much more...
Fraud Detection Tool
Detect Online Fraud Faster. Automatically identify fraud Faster using this AI fraud protection tools.
Dropbox Browser
Dropbox browser lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and view them easily.
S3 File Manager
S3 Online Client. This S3 explorer works like a file browser. Access all your Amazon S3 files...
Online File Manager
Total Commander alternative. Online file manager software with built-in FTP, Amazon S3, DropBox...
Google Drive Tools
With this special online tool, you can access, view, zip, or unzip and manage all your files easily.
Live Stream YouTube Videos
Automatically Live Stream Your YouTube Videos. Automatically repeat the live streaming 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Mobile App Builder
Best Mobile App Maker for High End Mobile Apps.
Freelancers Connect
Hire a freelancer for any project, or if you are a freelancer then you can earn money freelancing...
Boost Website Conversions
Boost Conversions By Over 500% By Adding One Line of Code To your Site...
Real Estate Marketplace
Buy a House, Sell a house, Online Real Estate Marketplace...
Online Classified Ads Directory
Advertise anything, Advertise, Classified Ads, Online Classified Ads...
Online Auction Marketplace
Create Your Own Online Auction, Seller Auction Marketplace, Virtual Flea Market...
Recipe Directory
Online Cookbook. List your own recipes or find recipes of others...
Convert Website to Mobile App
Transform your website into a mobile application for iOS and Android in a few cliks.
Resume Creator with Templates
Create your resume online with the WebSoft365 Resume builder, it has never been so easy.